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 Great videos, by the way. I should be ordering this week… Thanks, Shawn M.  

I wasn’t much of a multiple time frame guy – as I’m a pattern recognizer, but now I see the entry on the longer time frame and then look for the short entry pattern after.  Works good.  Tks a lot for your work. Tom  
That was a really great video!   I totally understand everything you said. I am really starting to respect the support and resistance. Brian H.

I just finished watching several of your videos... I was impressed! ...  Thanks, Doug 

Thank you for all your videos, they are great. Dalia
Tricia -- Thank you for doing these videos.  They really do help!! Mike

I appreciate all of your hard work and effort to keep your customers updated and informed. You have gone far beyond the support I would expect to get from an eBook purchase and I know your business will prosper as a result. Thanks again, Charles D.

Hi Trisha, I think I've finally got it! Now we're just going to observe and simulate for a couple of weeks. Thanks Trisha! Happy New Year! Ryan W.
Trisha, Videos are great. Thank you for still posting them. They are a great learning tool for me to keep seeing what you do on repetitious bases. I know it is a lot of work putting them out and I just wanted to thank you again for them. David
Hi Trisha, Thanks for your help and the great videos… Aloha, Selden
Thank you for your update concerning the eBook. I really enjoy your conservative approach trading the ES Mini Futures and further appreciate your videos on YouTube. Thanks Harald 
Thank you for your insight it is greatly appreciated. I like the calming style you exhibit on your videos and your seemingly conservative approach to entering trades. I think it will be good for me. Sincerely, Scott
I know this works, I really like the looks of your charts they really look clean and easy to read, I will chat with you soon thanks for helping me!!! Brian H.


Hello I purchased your eBook a week or two ago and love it, thanks Tom 
Trisha - I just wanted to let you know that your trades are really fantastic. Obviously, as a brand new user, I am still getting used to your method,but it is very clear (in hindsight!!) how you do it on your charts. Once again, thanks for your insights and help. Elma
I really enjoy and appreciate your video updates and also have your ES trade setups. TX, Michael
Hey Trisha, I love your videos. Love your teaching and patience. Did you do any trading video's with tradestation if so which one's? I figured you must of because you emailed your indicators. I wondered if the divergence was as clear to read as sierra's. Again thanks for your patience, Mark
The last three days have been a real joy just seeing how doable the trading is with your method and instruction - there is not one thing I can think of that needs improvement. I will see you Mon or Tues, have a great weekend. Bill
Thx again for everything. I can say with pride that me return on investment is in the black with you....from this weeks trading alone including the monthly fee...be proud of yourself....you are an angel.  Pete
Thanks Trish, I only had one day last week that I got it all wrong.  That was 4 winning days. Most of those bad trades were when I didn't wait for the moving average to be in alignment.    I thank you for all the information that you provide in the chatroom.   I'm anxiously awaiting a new trade week. Barbara K.


Trishas' background in teaching has been beneficial regarding the moderating of trades in the trade room . Her intuitive approach creates a secure and inviting environment to pose with confidence any questions that members may desire to ask. Her comprehension of the Market allows an accelerated learning curve to learn the mistakes to avoid and successes to advantage from an already seasoned trader . Everyone in the room appreciates her kindness and patience . OUTSTANDING WORK TRISHA .......... Trevor Welsh 

First of all I would like to thank you for setting up the three day free seminar. It has been a great help. Secondly, I just wanted to share with you my sentiments on how happy I am to find your training course. I have been trading for over two years mostly unsuccessfully and have lost a lot of money in the process. I just lost my 12 year long job with a major IT company and was looking to trade full time, however my continuous failures were not only emptying my pockets, I was also about to lose my hope and give this up altogether until I found your course few weeks ago.

I had searched for many training courses on line and no one was able to offer the course in simple language and at the cost that you are offering. In addition, to be frank no one was able to earn my trust. Just in few days you have earned my trust and respect. Your method is simple to follow, you provide all the details from A-Z that is needed for anyone to start trading. In addition your teaching style is absolutely marvelous, respectful, and admirable. I am looking forward to your regular Webinars, please save me a spot. Take Care Best Regards Imtiaz 
I've enjoyed watching your videos, and I like your simple and conservative approach to day trading. All anyone really needs is to average a couple of points a day to be successful. The price is ridiculously low, and worth every penny … Thanks for your time! Walt
Hey Trisha Just wanted to take a bit of time to thank you for those setups.I really like them, and seem to be getting the hang of things, Thanks so much, I really am grateful, for setups that actually work, which were sold for a very reasonable price. I have looked at the other stuff on the internet which are overpriced or have bad reviews, and some systems do not make sense with such big stop losses just to make a few points. Anyways thanks again, Karma
Hi Trisha,  I have been using your system a little over a week.. Just have to say, its kind of nice making money now instead of losing. Finally found something that works. I still enjoy your videos...keep up the good work!!! Jim B.
Trisha, Again, as I have said before, I like the way you trade.  You pretty much have what I have been looking for, that is, a relatively simple set up, make the trade, make a little money, move on do something else throughout the day. Respectfully, Ted V
Hi Trisha:  Somehow I stumbled across your site, then all the charts you post on YouTube about your trades. It's very easy to discern, for those of us who have been doing this a while, that you are just not selling something and don't know how to trade yourself. Your explanations on your trading method are wonderful and the fact you stress a trading plan speaks volumes. Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing your trade results on YouTube. Great job! George P.
Of the 422 rooms I have seen, very few present in such a pleasant,sincere, patient and engaging fashion as you do. You are in my very short list of "Traders that Care"; your set ups are clear and easy to follow, on the pragmatic side of things a performance record is so very, very important to your prospective customers - that is how they hunt. Dean A. Handley, PhD, MBA, JD
Thank you very much. As usual, you responded quickly and I appreciate your immediate attention. Your tip on using these set-ups on longer term charts is intriguing. Frankly, I had not thought of that. Good for you and your followup; I came to expect that in the short time I was with you. As an aside, I was in the security business for 32 years running an options and futures operation for a brokerage firm; seldom ever saw attention to a planned approach such as you offer. Execution according to your plan has made you a winner. Congratulations! Thanks, Tom

Thank you Trisha.  As usual, your feedback is clear, concise and valuable.  Thanks again for the help. Regards, Bill Merry Christmas Trisha! You are greatly appreciated . . . Cheers and thanks, RD